Welcome to Summer Start 2020!

On behalf of the Summer Start team and the College of Arts and Sciences, we would like to welcome you to Washington University in St. Louis! You are about to begin one of the most exciting and impactful times in your life, and everyone at the University is here to support you during this summer and the next four years. Here at WashU, we hope you take full advantage of all our leadership opportunities, foster lifelong friendships, gain hands on experiences in the classroom, broaden your horizons and, of course, have fun.

We aim to aid you in your transition into WashU through developing a community based on collaboration and learning. We are so glad you are here and we hope we can make your Summer Start experience an excellent one. See you soon!

The purpose of Summer Start is…

“To facilitate the transition of first year students into a collaborative university setting by having insightful mentors foster a tailored learning experience.” 

The mission of Summer Start is…

“To aid and inspire student success with skills gained through collaborative learning and shared experiences.”

2019 Program Intern & Assistants